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Using Eco-Friendly Straws for a Better Future

Plastics are facing more bans by the day.More companies are implementing bans on the plastic due to plastic pollution in the oceans.Among the first culprits of plastic bans are plastic straws. It is required of companies to use eco-friendly alternatives. Plastic straws are still being manufactured by some companies which have not yet embraced eco-friendly straws. There still wants regarding the implementation of the plastic straw ban in the world due to selfishness emanating from the manufacturers.

After a single use, 500 million plastic straws are thrown daily. These alarming statistics are for the United States of America only. If you transform this to a yearly consumption, it translates to 175 billion straws a year.At this rate, is it any wonder to find sea turtles with plastic straws in their noses?

From the huge quantities of plastics that are disposed of each day, it is only a small percentage that is recycled. On accurate terms, recycling handles a mere 14 percent of the plastic packaging. 32 percent of the plastics cannot be trapped by the collection systems.

The oceans receive 8 million metric tons of plastic residue on a yearly basis.This is a very he quantity of plastic.Sadly, plastic straws are unlikely to end up in recycling systems. The ocean becomes the last destination for these plastic straws.As they get into the ocean; they are consumed by marine animals and also pose a threat to all marine life.

As a result, environmentalists are trying to discourage the usage of plastic straws.

A drink will still be as sweet without a straw.This means it is very responsible to decide not to use a straw. If you feel compelled to use a straw as you take your favorite beverage, you can consider using alternatives. Following is a discussion of the plastic straw alternatives.

Paper straws happen to be a good alternative to plastic straws.Paper straws were largely in use until the 1960s after which they were almost replaced by the nuisance plastic straws. Paper straws are used but for a single-use only.

The other alternative is metal straws. Metal straws being reusable and eco-friendly are a reliable alternative to plastic straws.These straws come with brushes to enable easy washing.
Another alternative is the bamboo straws.These are lightweight straws from sustainable forests. These eco-friendly straws are reusable.There are many companies that are now making bamboo straws that are hygienically acceptable.

The last plastic straw alternative to be discussed here is the glass straws.The glass straws are a good alternative to plastics since they can be reused and can be seen through for cleaning.
Plastic straws should never enjoy a purchase from you.

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