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Factors To Consider When Looking For a Therapist

Finding yourself in a position which requires a therapist is common nowadays. Due to the existence of several counselors, locating the most suitable one for you may be a difficult task. Choosing the right therapist will require that you ask yourself certain questions. Remember that you will have to discuss personal issues that you cannot tell other people with the therapist; hence you should find a therapist that you can trust. The following are some of the guidelines that will help you find the best therapist.

The most important factor to consider is compatibility between you and the therapist. Visiting a therapist is a personal experience where you have to be very comfortable with the counselor so that you can tell them your personal issues openly. In cases where you feel that your counselor is not paying close attention to what you are saying, is not empathetic or his/her values are different from yours, you can find another counselor.

The counselor’s gender is another factor to look at. It is advisable that you employ a counseling expert who is the same gender as you if you have a problem with disclosing personal matters to people of the opposite sex. Your comfort during the therapy session may be affected by many factors including age, personal appearance, background and gender of the therapist.

Consider the area of counseling in which the counselor has specialized in before hiring them. Eating disorders, depression and handling marriage issues are some of the areas in which a therapist can be specialized in. You have to find a counselor who has had experience in treating patients with the same problem as you. The therapy sessions that you will attend will be largely affected by location of the therapist. Consider hiring a counselor that has an office close to your home or office so that you can attend all therapy sessions.

Consider the method the counselor uses during the sessions to assist in treating his/her clients. Behavioral methods, talk therapy or medication are some of the methods used by therapists to help their customers. Finding a therapist that you are comfortable with the method of treatment he/she uses is essential as it will help you in recovering.

Ask your friends and family who are in therapy about therapist they see and whether they would recommend him/ her to anybody. Better yet, you can ask them to ask their counselors for a list of referrals they can recommend you. You may also find contacts of the local therapist to use by going to a therapists’ institute whereby the therapist that best suits you is determined.

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